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Words From Clients

Words From Clients
Photo by Guille Álvarez / Unsplash

"Working with Abdul has literally transformed my life.
The insights we had, have helped me understand how to approach life, thoughts, relationships and business from a place of wisdom. The outcome was beyond expectations" Dalal Aboguddah - Fitness Coach

"If I were to describe what it's like working with AbdulRahman in one word, it would be 'deconstruction'.
Deconstruction of old ways of doing things. It's actually not so much doing as much as it's a new way of being." Altaf Al Mudhayan - Co Founder at Thuna

"He never asked me to put more effort to feel better.
This is important because sometimes I don't have anymore to give, yet I still feel stressed. This approach is easier to accept because it validates the core of who you are." Abdulwahab Al Kandari - Serial Entrepreneur

"Via his texts, podcasts, coaching sessions or any form he wants to speak through, he always creates a safe place to express ourselves freely. He naturally helps us to shape a solid ground for the recognition of our real potential in us." Fatou Diop - Psychologist & Performance Consultant

"I used to have a mindset that believed I was stuck in a hollow, grim valley, but this enlightenment journey with Abdulrahman proved otherwise. For this, thank you.” Abdulrahman M.