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Why The Human Dimension

Why The Human Dimension
Photo by Lewis Guapo / Unsplash

When I got into coaching, my mission was to help people create success and achieve their goals. What I discovered soon after I started coaching clients was that most of them were looking to have a better experience of life and success. This is important because you can definitely achieve success while having a horrible stressful experience along the way.

But some people were conscious enough not accept this notion. So instead, they started doing practices and rituals that helped cope with and minimize the negative experience.

So I started learning, and then teaching, my clients ways to make the journey suck less. Until I came across an (understanding) that flipped my life upside down. I was watching an interview by Michael Neill a coach and author who soon after became my mentor, and for the first time I heard about the possibility of achieving high performance and success from a place of happiness, ease, and love. Not just coping, but actually being a state of happiness, wellbeing, and flow.

What shocked me soon after was that fact that this was a different kind of path.

Learning about the human dimension was not about doing more techniques or using slightly helpful tools. It is a philosophical journey of deeply understanding the truth behind human nature.

Understanding - a shift in human consciousness that aligns with how life and the universe works.

Since then, a few years ago now, I have been on this journey and my life is simply transformed. I have worked with hundreds conscious professionals, leaders, and founders and helped them connect to a deeper nicer feeling of life while leveraging their innate capabilities for peak performance and success.

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