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Thought Creates Feelings

In all my search for a simple understanding of how to find peace and happiness, I never came across a truth as simple and profound as this; Thought creates your experience.

The mind is designed to collect data from the outside world, combine it with memory (previous knowledge) and create a perception of reality. Thought is the energy from which our perceptual realities are created.

Thought + data (from the outside world and memory) = your own perception of reality.

Thought is a creative source. It creates a version of what might be out there. 

I’m not saying that thought creates what is out there. What I’m saying is that thought creates your experience of what’s out there!

It’s like you’re wearing a set of colored glasses. Feelings let you know about which glasses you’re wearing, not what is out there!

So why is that so profound you might ask?


In my previous business, I used to find myself feeling discouraged and fearful of taking risks. Because I didn’t have this realisation, I thought my feelings were telling me something about my business. Because of this misunderstanding, I used to wait for my business or the market to change so that I could take action.


Then I realised how the mind actually works. Now I still get discouraged and fearful, then I remember where my experience is coming from (thought), and the natural process of clarity starts and brings me back to a healthy perception. 


Whatever feelings you experience at any moment, is a reflection of your thinking. Pure thought brings you closer to true reality and gives you the experience of bliss and joy. Contaminated thought takes you away from true reality and gives you the experience of worry, stress, and fear.

It's that simple. You can not experience the world without thought. Therefore your feelings are a reflection of thought, and not the world. 

It’s all inside-out. Not outside-in. 

To realise this is powerful. Once you understand this, you will own your experience.

It is freedom.

Freedom is not to feel bliss all the time. Freedom is knowing that when you are down, you’re one moment away from bliss.