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Happiness As A Foundation To Success

People have two types of outcomes they desire. The first is to create cool things in the world. Things like success, accomplishments, and financial freedom. The second is to have a nicer experience of life. Things like happiness, peace of mind, and love.

Many people seek the first type of outcomes thinking the second type will come later. And many other people give up on the first type and settle only for the nicer experience of life believing the two can't co-exist.

Here is what I have seen to be the best thing on offer for you. When people find and connect to their innate happiness and well-being, creating cool stuff in the world becomes a lot easier.

It's where you're coming from on the inside that matters. When you approach the world from a place of well being, clarity and excitement, the world responds accordingly to your (Being). But if you approach the world from a place of fear, lack, and insecurity, you might still create some of the success you desire but the journey remains that of fear, lack, and insecurity.

What I know for sure is what my mentor Michael Neill said so beautifully; "happiness leads to success a hell of a lot more than success leads to happiness."

For me, thinking I could never settle with what I already had to find true happiness and joy was holding me back. Only when I slowed my mind down and started to experience happiness and joy is when my creativity and energy kicked back in. I'm not talking about believing here! I'm talking about actually experiencing well-being and happiness independent from any outside conditions. No tools. No daily practices. Not that tools and practices are bad, but they are only bridges to what you seek. You can burn down the bridges and go directly to source. Then it's up to you if you want to keep using tools and practices.

With love,

Abdul Rahman