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How Your Inner State Shapes Your Life

How Your Inner State Shapes Your Life
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Last week I gave a 3 day intensive to a group of leaders. The goal of our 3 days together was to grasp a deeper understanding of state of mind and the natural capabilities of the mind. Also, understanding how effective communication takes place according to how the mind works.

One of the challenges most leaders have is how to overcome some of the old thought patterns and programing they have accumulated through out their lives.

We all have accumulated all sorts of patterns. Many were only helpful back when we took them on, but are now getting in our way. Living from our psychology (thought patterns and programming) is one way to approach life. If you believe your psychology makes up the core of who you are then breaking those patterns will be very helpful.

What I help all my clients realize is that there is a level deeper than their psychology. That level is their spirit. The truth of who they are. That which exists before all the accumulated thinking and programming. And there is something powerful about realizing this truth. As far as I have seen, it is the best path to unlocking your true potential.

Our spirit is creative by nature. So to live from the level of our spirit is to live as a creator. Creating your life moment to moment. On the other hand, Thought patterns and programmings are already a creation. They come from the past. No wonder it can be limiting to us to live from repeated experiences and data.

Living from thought patterns and programs:

  • Depends on thinking a lot about the past or imagining the future.
  • It puts you in reactive mode.
  • Intelligence is accessed from older information and previous experiences.

Living from your true nature:

  • Depends on clarity of mind and staying present.
  • It puts you in reflection mode.
  • Intelligence is accessed via the creative nature of spirit in the present moment.

Again, your deeper nature can only be realized. You can't get there through actively thinking and trying to figure it out. Seek a quiet mind and you will find what you're looking for.

with love,

Abdul Rahman