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Living From A Place of Well-Being

Well-being does not mean you feel good all the time. Feeling good is a temporary state. Well-being is about realizing that your essence is whole and complete. That there is not a single possible “thing” out there that could add or remove from who you already are.

But in truth, it is hard to look within if everything in the world today points in the opposite direction!

Everything around you is promoting an outside-in world where your state of well-being is dependent on relationships, money, success, achievement, drive, self worth, and much more. So we end up seeking all these things in order to change how we feel on the inside. That is a loosing game!

Do you know what happens when you approach life from a place of profound well-being? 

Here are a few powerful things:

1- You move away from a Doing-based model of living to a Being-based model of living.

2- You realize that failure is a simply feedback of trying things out.

3- You see that every feeling experience is a reflection of a thought, and that no feeling is meant to stay forever.

4- Peace of mind becomes the norm.

5- Success becomes effortless.

6- Miracles start to show up everywhere in your life.

7- Feeling low would not be a big deal anymore.

8- Stress and pressure become the exception not the rule.

That is my wish for you. To start living an inside-out life, not an outside-in life. To truly unleash your potential for living a joyful life and creating effortless success.

With love,

Abdul Rahman