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Living An Inspired Life

I was listening to Rupert Spira yesterday speak so beautifully about the greatest athletes, artists, and scientists.

He described their peak performances as INSPIRED PERFORMANCES. Inspired by what exactly? Inspired by the intelligence beyond the personal mind.

You can live your life in one of two ways. The first is you trying to figure everything out. Trying so hard to make sure everything gets done, and pushing your self to perform at your best.


The second way is to live an inspired life. To inspire means to give rise to. So to be inspired is to be given rise by something greater than yourself.

The human mind can access two possibilities at any moment. It can access previous knowledge and memories. Or it can be open to new inspiration from an intellegence beyond previous knowledge and memory.

The reason we feel so inspired as we watch these athletes and artists is because we recognize the presence of this greater intelligence, and feel homesick to that feeling.

You have an equal access to this possibility and when you realize that, your business, life, and relationships will transform!

Enjoy living. Enjoy Succeeding.

Abdul Rahman