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Everything You Seek Is Already Within

Everything you seek is already in who you truly are.

Imagine that you're sitting on a table and writing a story about yourself. Everything you write about yourself on that piece of paper is by definition not who you are. What you're writing can be describing your thinking, your habits, your experiences, or things you've achieved. But all of that is still not who you truly are.

Everything you seek like peace, happiness, more success, fulfillment, guidance, and purpose cannot be found in those pieces of paper you're writing on.

Who you're truly are is the person sitting on that chair. Your true self only exists in the present moment. Everything else has come and gone. Identifying yourself with what comes and goes (thoughts, emotions, experiences, possessions, achievements) creates suffering. This suffering is not punishment, it is the effect of being against law. It is simply the result of being against truth.

With love,