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Company Internal Shuffle

I believe everyone is in one way or another a natural at something. This does not only mean that people are born with natural abilities but people can unconsciously develop a certain set of skills through out their lives.

The question of how to uncover those skills is perhaps for another conversation.

For now, I believe this to be a huge deal because imagine a company that is made of individuals who are hired and positioned based on degrees and education, just imagine the amount of misplacement of human power such company can have!

Companies look to hire outside talents all the time. This can cost a lot of money from hunting to offers.

But what if your next super talent is actually already in your company working in some department with a job responsibility that does not bring out their fullest potential.

Here is an example:

  • A loan officer that works in a bank who on her spare time is an incredibly talented buyer and shopper with a great eye for product quality and customer feedback. This employee can have a huge impact as a product critic for the bank and can navigate customer feedback with ease and flow.
  • A marketing officer who works in an agency and does a decent job but once in between tasks finds themselves solving colleagues’ problems. This person might not know it but they can do great as an internal performance coach for that agency.

So what if companies stopped investing externally and gathered all their employees and shuffled them based on talents and passions!

A business full of passionate people who care to develop their own skills because they just enjoy it and love going to work? 

Now this is an efficient and successful business.

Enjoy Living.